Thursday, January 15, 2009


by Anne

That game was painful. Two of those goals were just ridiculous. I turned the game off half way through the third because I just couldn't bring myself to watch anymore. If they're not going to play 60 minutes, why should I watch 60 minutes?

Stars tomorrow. A team we should beat. We'll probably lose.

I watched the game a few minutes behind "live" so I fast forwarded through the six minute power play that resulted in absolutely nothing but heartache.

Anyway, moving on. Just a reminder, ladies, voting ends Thursday night at 11:59 (supposedly) so get your last minute votes in and think about players who are not Sabres for a few minutes.

How unfair is it that its in the single digits today and will be in the negative tomorrow and those good for nothing Sabres are in Dallas? Ha, I just checked Thursday's high temp in Dallas and its only supposed to be 38. HAH! ... although that's still about 37 degrees warmer than it'll be in Buffalo. Jerks.

I'm glad Soupy won and I'm glad Sharpie scored. They deserved the win. Its nice to see people in the seats at Blackhawks games, I really like Chicago and the Blackhawks are a good team with a lot of young talent that deserves to play in front of sell-out crowds.

Its too bad Duncan Keith was hurt on Staffy's hit, because that hit was highly entertaining.

I don't know if its the cold weather or he's finally decided he likes his mommy but my cat is incredibly cuddly lately. He's laying on my arm right now, making it somewhat difficult to type. But he's pretty much one of the cutest things ever so I can adapt. I seriously hate cats. Oscar is one of three cats I can tolerate. At least something pleasant happened tonight. After re-reading that sentence I've decided its the clearest indication I've seen recently that tells me that I need a boyfriend, haha.

Anyway, my love life is not what this blog is about.

Its so annoying to write when they lose. Its just draining. You already sat through a loss, sometimes a nauseatingly pathetic loss like this one and then you have to try to discuss the game in someway. No thank you. We're still in 7th place, but only because other teams keep losing, not because we're winning. The Pens lost tonight 6-3 to the Caps. Jeff Carter and AO have moved into another tie for first place in goals scored with 29. TV is still sitting stagnant at 27.

So what's the next formula? Juggle the lines? PLAY CHRIS BUTLER? Miller clearly gets the start. Although, while Lalime gave up those fluky goals, the offense didn't help him out much. I don't have the energy to write about that game anymore. Fortunately, they get a chance to redeem themselves RIGHT AWAY.

I haven't had to do this yet this year, but I need to go to my old stand by to cheer me up. Animals wearing people things:

He's ready for the Catwalk for Charity.


  1. It's like the offense and defense combined play differently in front of a backup goaltender. I can see it but I don't know if anyone else notices the same type of deal. But at the same time, Lalime and Miller are both hung out to dry on some goals because this team forgets how to play defense periodically.

    I think I was nauseated when the Hawks fans stood up to cheer for their team after the six-minute power play was killed off. If I was a Buffalo fan there, I would've curled up into a ball in my seat and rock back and forth.

  2. Shelby don't forget the sucking thumb as well.

  3. Jill, you're right! I can't believe I forgot that.


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  • "Ryan Miller" Shutout - A 58 minute multi-goal shutout lead that is blown by Miller allowing one meaningless goal
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