Friday, February 13, 2009

I Can't Wait for All the Posts That Will Be a Play on the Phrase "Shark Bite"

by Anne

Win or lose, I fully anticipate everyone to use a title for their posts that involves playing on the phrase "shark bite"

It brings me great joy to welcome another WCB to HSBC Arena tonight.

I don't pay enough attention to this boy because his team gets plenty of play in the media, but I shall love him up right now:


We all know how sicknasty the San Jose Sharks are. They're destroying competition left and right. Firing Ron Wilson and hiring former Red Wings assistant coach Todd McLellan, along with shoring up one of the top defenses in hockey has proved to be a recipe for success that everyone who follows the NHL even casually is well aware of.

Their top young defenseman, who averages 24:26 a night, and leads the team in that category, is 21 year old Marc-Edouard Vlasic. His +18 ranks third on the team. Like a certain other player who is hurt and I don't want to talk about it, Pickles has missed very few games since joining the NHL on a full time basis. He's played in 215 out of a possible 216 games over the last three seasons, including all contests this season, the only Sharks defenseman who can boast that claim. The one game he missed was in January 2007 because of an undisclosed "upper body injury." So mysterious, Pickles.

Last season wasn't great for Pickles, he was a -12 and finished the season with only 14 points (2+12). However, this season he's already notched 26 points (4+22) matching his career high in 2006-2007. The San Jose Sharks players have been doing that a lot, Patrick Marleau is only 7 goals away from tying his career high and already has eight more goals than he did in the entirety of last season.

Yay Pickles!
I hope you lose tonight
Sorry, love

I feel as though I'd be an insensitive jerk if I didn't mention Flight 3407. I hope that there's a moment of silence tonight at the Sabres game to honor the people who were killed and injured and those who lost their home last night. Its so easy to let these kinds of things slip into the back of our minds when they happen far away but it never seems so real as when its literally so close to home.


  1. AAAHHHH little hockey players are so cute!

  2. I would hope there would be a moment of silence... if not geez...

  3. Aww, Pickles! Anne, I'm glad you can find it in your heart to love him, even though you want the Sharks to lose.

  4. This is not the M. Ward concert at the Tralf on Monday.

    This is not a "goodtimes" event.

    Lindy will have his boys fired up and rarin' to go against SJ - this will be a physical, nose-breaking affair (I do hope that one of your favorite faces is not mashed in the process).

    If the Sabres can forecheck while staying out of the sin bin, then Buffalo News statisticians will be populating the W column overnite.

  5. I know that no matter what the outcome of this game is, the players will put as much effort into the game as they possibly can. A lot of the players lived around Clarence Center, and they know how close this entire area is, so I think they'll show that tonight on the ice.

  6. There is going to be a moment of silence before tonight's game. It was announced on the 6pm news.

    I have Pickles and Marleau on my fantasy team, so on the one hand, I'd like to see the Sharks do well tonight, since The Little Honkers are in a tight battle this week. On the other hand, the Sabres (and this town) need a win right now.

  7. The use of the word "sicknasty" in this entry made me chuckle.


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