Friday, February 20, 2009

My Sabres Practice

by James

Tomorrow I am going to the Sabres practice. I hope Ryan Miller does well. We're going to get up at, believe this, 7:04. Then we're going to have yummy pancakes and sausage.

My favorite hockey player is still Ryan Miller. He is AWESOME. I wish I could be like him, only not with getting hit with slapshots. I wonder how much the pads weigh? I just found out they weigh 50 pounds! I hope Vanek is gonna come back soon. Without him we are hopeless. Absolutely hopeless. Drew Stafford has been playing pretty well... I still think we're hopeless.

Well I have to go to bed now so bye bloggers!

I'll be back soon about the practice.

This is James, signing off.

Short and tall
Just like me and Annie (my cousin)


  1. Without him we are hopeless. Absolutely hopeless. Drew Stafford has been playing pretty well... I still think we're hopeless.

    James, that pretty much sums it up. You're so right. Glad you took over the blog for the night! Have fun at practice!

  2. Glad to have you back, James!! Have fun at the practice!! They're quite enjoyable, especially if Rivet is shouting a lot, and Tallinder is laughing. =]

  3. Breakfast and practice? That sounds like a great Saturday to me!

  4. James thanks for letting us know how much Miller's pads weigh! Can you imagine lugging that around??? And stopping 100 MPH pucks while moving laterally... and have to be quick like lightening to go bounce back if there is a rebound? Yeah... he rawks.


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