Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kings Win! / Canucks Lose :( / More Reasons to Love Matt Greene

by Anne

*** If you are easily grossed out by the sight of blood, DO NOT read this post***

I was right, it was kind of weird watching the Kings play the Canucks.

I did cheer when the Kings scored... but I also cheered when the Canucks scored. Unfortunately, the Canucks only scored twice and the Kings scored three times, all in regulation.

That first Canucks goal by Burrows was a little ridiculous and I kind of feel bad for Jonathan Quick. Burr shot the puck from 50 feet out, between Jack Johnson's legs. Quick had very little time to react to it and it went in. You could tell he was not thrilled with Jack Johnson at that moment.

The Kings are now only three points back of eighth place. Yay! Sorry Canucks :(

Anyway, the real point I'd like to make in this post is that Matt Greene is CRAZY. Like, legit, this man has got to be out of his mind.

The LA Kings have their own twitter, and they posted a link to this blog post on their MySpace page today. Take a look at what dear Matthew did at the end of the game.

Now I saw that happen in real time but did not realize until today when I watched this video that he TOOK A PUCK DIRECTLY TO THE FACE AND KEPT PLAYING.

Watch the video again if you'd like.

I knew he'd blocked a shot that they said "had to hurt", but it happened so fast in real-time that I didn't see it and didn't realize exactly what had happened until today when I watched the video.

I was watching the Canucks feed so they chose not to show much of the Kings' celebration afterwards, I saw a glimpse of Greener, but not much of his face that had absorbed a shot by Alex Burrows.

If I had been able to see his face, this is what I would've seen:

Jonathan: Uh Greener, you've got something on your face
Matt: Can you get it off?
Jonathan: Um, no

Jarret: Dude, you're bleeding
Matt: I am?

He blocked a puck with his face in the dying seconds of the game, and almost immediately returned to his feet and stayed in the game until it was over and his team had won. And THEN stayed out to give props to his goalie for keeping them in the game.

Now THAT is a teammate. He could've stayed on the ice and just quit, but he was able to get back up, so he did. How many people can do that?

He crazy. Crazy awesome.

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