Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Was it MY Birthday?

by Anne

Yesterday, as we all know, was Steven Bernier's 24th Birthday. A joyous day I almost forgot to commemorate. However! Whilst perusing the Canucks website yesterday I discovered something amazing:

Big Bear wrote a blog.

Is it Christmas? My birthday? What have I done to earn such a wonderful gift? Is this kismet? Whatever it is, its amazing. SO amazing that even Cari texted me to make sure I'd read it. My love is known far and wide.

Here now is a breakdown of some of Steven's thoughts on the Canucks' recent road trip:

Despite all the places I’ve had to fly with my teams, I still get a little nervous on the plane. We have an awesome crew and everything but I don’t know why I still feel that way.

Steven is a nervous flyer. How cute! Yet he still manages to give props to the flight crew, for fear he has insulted them with his apprehensions. I am not a nervous flyer and basically feel totally at ease until the flight attendants start panicking. We do not have this in common but perhaps this is better than two people in a full tilt panic when we hit some turbulence?

This trip has been a long one and we’re playing a lot of game[sic] in a short amount of time but it’s a good feeling on the plane and in the room so I’m not complaining.

Note the keen way in which Steven disregards basic English written syntax and once again tries to assure us all he's not upset. What is this? A NON-plural where it should be plural? Big Bear has a lot of issues with plurals be it discussing his happiness to be a "Sabres" or apparently being unable to speak of multiple games. The letter "S" is his downfall. Perhaps this is because his name starts with the letter "s"? There maybe deeper issues at work here.

I always love going back East because my family is there and I get to see them, which is always good and it’s exciting whenever Canadian teams play each other anyway. I really miss all of them, so I make an effort to see them whenever I’m back in Eastern Canada.

Once again, what?Is he discussing missing his family in Eastern Canada or does he miss the Eastern Canada teams? Does he long for his Mama's home cooking or watching Alexei Kovalev play?

After almost nine months in Vancouver, I still can’t believe how beautiful this city is. I can’t stress enough how amazing everyone in this city is and how much they’re into the Vancouver Canucks.

Vancouver is probably the perfect balance between San Jose and Buffalo. In San Jose there were beautiful beaches but not as much fan involvement. In Buffalo there's lots of fan involvement but not so much beauty. Looks like Big Bear found a great place to play. Awwww!

Big Bear chills with Mama Bear on the plane

Thinking about tonight's game makes me so nervous. Both Florida and Montreal won last night which is putting the playoffs almost completely out of reach. If they lose this one, they're basically done. Not officially but they might as well be.

Also, if the Sabres don't make it, I will need to choose an Eastern team. I'm leaning towards the Devils right now. Thoughts?

Puck drops at 7:00 in Atlanta.

*I hate formatting posts on a PC, it never works right. Sorry if this is really smushed or crazily spaced out.


  1. A friend of mine last year picked the Devils as her Eastern team during the playoffs, and they got ousted the first round. Bad choice for her, haha. Hopefully they will do better this year, though.

    Aww, Bear and Mama Bear! How sweet!

  2. Aww, Big Bear, you're adorable. Even if the English language is your arch-nemesis. (Really, though, doesn't it add to his adorableness?) Also Anne, I would like to commend you on busting out the nice usage of [sic]. I've spent waaaay too much time writing papers lately! haha

  3. I approve your support of the Devils, but you should give the Bruins another chance. They are sort of lovable, plus Milan Lucic is a beast.

  4. Also, if the Sabres don't make it, I will need to choose an Eastern team. I'm leaning towards the Devils right now. Thoughts?

    I don't want to pick another EC team, but if I have to, I think I'll have to go with the Bruins because I have a jersey.


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