Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Canucks Take Series Lead

by Anne

I have a million papers to write and like 20 minutes to write them all in, so time's a tad bit tight. However, I cannot neglect my Canucks.

Yay! The Canucks won 3-1 last night! Big Bear scored his 2nd goal of the playoffs (btw both of them have been the game-winning kind, I'm just sayin'). His goal was the finish to a lot of hard work by his teammates on the powerplay. He parks his big self in front of the net to tap in those rebounds, and that's just what he did:


The win gives Vancouver the 2-1 series lead. I'm absolutely loving this series so far. It's been very back and forth and fancy. Both goaltenders have looked great and looked terrible. Scoring has been coming from all over the ice, in all situations, lots of hits and lots of foxiness in general.

I wore my Canucks t-shirt all day yesterday but was seeing a friend of mine from college in the national tour of A Chorus Line so I was unable to watch the game. :(

Fortunately, I am not working Thursday night so I will be able to watch game four!!
Taylor Pyatt was back last night! I'm sad I couldn't see his triumphant return. I also scoured the photo galleries for a picture of Pie v. 1.0 with little success. I think he's in the back of one picture but I'm not 100% sure it was him. Regardless, I'm very glad he's back and I'm sure his teammates/coaches/fans/family are all glad he's back too.
Let's Go Canucks!
Also, those pesky Ducks have taken a 2-1 series lead over the Red Wings. That's crazy times. Where was this team all season? I dont' think Ducks fans care, they're just glad they're here now.

My Pens are disappointing me. Sidney Crosby scored a hat trick, and they LOST. Ovie scored a hat trick and they won. Why? Because one more Cap (David Steckel) decided to show up. If the rest of the Pens could please arrive on time for game three, Sid and I would appreciate it.

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  1. I'm scared about this Penguins game tonight...if they don't stop Ovie and if more of the Pens don't show up (Malkin, I'm looking at you Mr. Disappearing Act) then they are down 3-0 and need to win four straight games. Greeeat.

    Taylor got a penalty yesterday. I almost shed a tear when I saw his face once again. *swipes tear* Joe Beninati called the death of Taylor's fiancee 'an interesting story'. Wtf does that mean?


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