Monday, May 11, 2009

Finals Week

by Anne

I'm marching headlong into CEP week at Buffalo State College and therefore have lots left to do. There's a running tally under my Facebook photo if we happen to be Facebook friends. I've already completed two of my five final papers and my take home exam is due today. After today I will be finished with one of my classes entirely. Wooo!

Since I worked a bizillion hours this weekend, I did not get to watch much hockey.

The Good:

Pens won on Saturday! Hoooooray! Malkin with the OT winner was just what the doctor ordered. Hooray!

Canada defeated Sweden to appear in the Gold medal game against Russia for the second straight year

The Bruins shut out the Butter Snaps last night

The Bad:

The Canucks lost.

Team USA did NOT win bronze.

Canada did NOT win gold.

My feet hurt.

My puppy is sick again.

Sigh. Soon finals week will be over and I'll be back to blogging daily with posts of actual substance, not like the junk I've been typing out over the past week or so.

Also, my sponsorships of Pie and Big Bear are about to expire. Should I renew?

Hooray! Check y'all out later


  1. I hope your puppy is feeling better.

    How'd finals go?


  2. Finals are going well but sadly the puppy is not. We had to put him to sleep last night :'( Thanks for asking though. Your 'Canes are doing well for you though (save for that last one, of course)


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