Thursday, June 11, 2009


by Anne

I am just about sick enough of hearing about how Hamilton so god damn deserving of an NHL team.

Hamilton, Ontario deserves an NHL team. HOWEVER, the city is no more deserving of an NHL team that Quebec, Winnipeg, Kansas City, Halifax, Saskatoon or any other city where people watch hockey. Hamilton is also not more deserving than Buffalo or Toronto, in spite of what their elected officials might have you think.

Hamilton councilman Sam "Desperate" Merulla wants a statement from the Sabres, supporting a team in Hamilton... OR ELSE! The "or else" is that he will urge Hamiltonians to boycott the Sabres until they give him what he wants.

The citizens of the City of Hamilton, regardless of if they want this new NHL team, regardless of if they would break their allegiance to the Sabres or Maple Leafs, are supposed to "band together" and boycott the Sabres and Maple Leafs if the two teams do not issue statements supporting a team in Hamilton. That's what Mr. Merulla apparently thinks is the best tactical maneuver. Otherwise, he'll go with childish pouting and tantrum-throwing if he doesn't get what he wants.

Hamilton falls right in between Toronto and Buffalo geographically, and therefore, both teams have some claim to the fans and potential revenue in that city. I'm sure there are fans of both teams currently residing in Hamilton, living as outsiders, cast away by Sam Merulla's iron fist of justice.

By bringing in a new team, both the Sabres and Maple Leafs would feel some kind of repercussion. Would it be to the level that the Sabres would fold and relocate? I'm not an expert on the economics of the NHL, but I don't think so. Reportedly only 20% of the Sabres season ticket holders are Canadian, not necessarily from Hamilton.

There are ways in which a team in Hamilton could be helpful to the Sabres. Maybe it would force the team to start treating their fans better, give their fans more of what they're looking for, enter the 21st century in terms of the kind of technology that's used and the kind of features that we're given. Maybe by some act of GOD it will make the Sabres create a SCOUTING department again. I'm not sure how the two are related but maybe, just maybe, it will make an impact on their thick skulls.

However, Mr. Merulla, this is a BUSINESS. ADDITIONAL COMPETITION IS NOT NECESSARILY GOOD FOR A BUSINESS. I know we'd all like to sit around and pretend that players, management, coaches and owners are all just in it for the love of the sport but that would be completely naive to assume that. A team in Hamilton will infringe upon some of the Sabres and Maple Leafs' revenue possibilities, possibly costing the teams millions of dollars in lost revenue. Therefore, regardless of a love of rivalry or gamesmanship, there is no way, even if the Sabres actually issue a statement, that they want a team that close to them that will take away some of their revenue.

Mr. Merulla appears to just be attempting to stir the waters to fuel his own agenda. This team and this boycott seem to just be a tool Mr. Merulla is using to further some agenda. He is a self-proclaimed "crusader" who appears to verbally abuse his fellow council members in the name of the people of Hamilton. He even calls himself "the Shark." Wow, just buy a Hummer and call it a day, sir.

People of Hamilton, our cities have always gotten along, many of your citizens are life-long Sabres fans and we know that won't change with a new NHL team. For those of you searching for a hometown NHL team, I hope, for your sake that you get a team. Its not your fault that Jim Balsillie is (allegedly) attempting to illegally circumvent the NHL's rules to move a team to your city. You deserve this team, you don't deserve this firestorm of childishness and boys who need to just get out a ruler and stop trying to push each other around to see who's more of a man.

Also, Ward 4, don't re-elect Sam Merulla, he's making you look bad.

How can you trust a man with that hair?


  1. *claps* Here here, Anne. Wonderful post.
    I am saddened to see how childish this whole thing has become. Unfortunately, this is probably only the beginning of a long battle to try and get a team in Hamilton...

  2. He looks like Nathan Fillion from Firefly.

  3. I would probably be less opposed to a team in Hamilton if every single Canadian wasn't being a huge dick about this whole thing...
    Make It Five!!


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