Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sabres in New Joisey

by Anne

Tonight I have a show, so of course, tonight the Sabres are playing a game. This time, the season's first match-up with the New Jersey Devils.

I have no strong feelings about the Devils. I like Zach Parise, Marty Brodeur, Paul Martin Travis Zajac and PETEY!

Petey hasn't played since last Friday. Think Jacques will let him get in on this one, especially with Jay Pandolfo out?
 ETA: Petey's out for tonight according to Sabres' Edge. Guess this will have to wait:

Please don't try this tonight, Petey.
Goose and Mairsy would turn you inside out.
No one wants to see that :(

For some reason, I have noticed I have an affinity for (some, not all) players that went to UND. I have no particular affection for UND, but clearly I like the hockey players they turn out. If you're not sure who I mean, Parise and Zajac went to UND, along with Drew Stafford, Matt Greene, James Patrick, and Mike Commodore. T.J. Oshie and Jonathan Toews went there as well but I don't have strong feelings about either of them. I feel badly about Ryan Johnson's injury (UND alumni) but before that I didn't feel too strongly about him, so I won't pretend that because he's injured I've adored him all long. Current Sabres prospect Corey Fienhage attends UND so I'm sure it won't be long until I love him or am indifferent about him. Portland Pirates goalie JP Lamoureux wen there as well. Hot.

Back to the Devils: I'm deeply ambivalent about David Clarkson: he's pretty but he can be kind of a dbag. But mostly he's pretty, so I'm ok with it. He's a little Goose-like in that respect. They don't really have any players that I strongly dislike, now that Bobby Holik's NHL career has gone the way of the dinosaurs.

I hope Petey doesn't try to start anything if he's playing tonight. I love Petey and that would make me love him a little less. I do, however, hope that he messes with Royzie a little, and maybe messes with Millsy a little, just to ruffle his feathers and loosen him up.

Paulie Martin has broken his arm and will be out for a month. He's one of the Devils' top defencemen so: point in our favor.

The Devils are third in the Atlantic and are coming off of a three-game winning streak including one in MSG and one at the Igloo. The Sabres are undefeated on the road this season. The Devils are 6-3-0, the Sabres are 6-1-1. Marty Brodeur, that Saucy MinxTM, is looking for his NHL record 100th shutout. I feel confident that the Sabres can help him out in that regard.

Puck drops at 7:00!

You too may have your very own Zach Parise UND Fighting Sioux bobblehead
Enjoy it, this is their last season as the Fighting Sioux. I vote they go back to "Flickertails"

In other news:

The Kings are playing in San Jose and the Pens are hosting the Habs. Sa-weeeet. The Kings host the Canucks tomorrow and I'm not ok with it. This is the first time this season any of my four teams are playing each other. Basically, when it's not the Sabres, my loyalties are confused :(


  1. According to Sabres Edge, Petey is a scratch tonight. Buzzkill, I know. :(

  2. That bobblehead looks nothing like Zach Parise. ):
    And I was expecting to see Petey in the lineup and am sort of sad that he isn't!

  3. Zach Parise bobblehead? I want that!

    Anyway, the Kings. I find that I love the Kings more and more as each season goes on. It pretty much has everything to do with Anze Kopitar and Doughty, but they have such a fun team to watch. My loyalties lie with the Flames in the West, but I DID just get myself an Anze shirt and Kings hat. THANKS EBAY!

    Anyway, this is the first time reading your blog. Great stuff!

  4. Shelby: We have three more chances to see him in action :/

    Mike: Last season the Kings were just toothless little upstarts and I liked watching a team with such low expectations but with some talent. Now they look pretty legit. Welcome to the blog! Come back anytime! :)


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