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Monday, June 16, 2008

Draft Shmaft

by Anne

All NHL.com will yammer about these days is the draft prospects. YAWN. I have difficulty creating great attachments to draftees. They've never had a chance to prove themselves at a level past juniors, so I'm indifferent. Other than future supahstahs like Sid, it takes a lot to get super excited about brand new drafted prospects.

I'd like to take the opportunity to revisit a draft BUST from days gone by, Alexandre Daigle.

Alexandre is widely considered to be one of the greatest draft failures of all time, and not just in the NHL, in all of professional sports.

In 1993, Ottawa was accused of intentionally throwing games so that they could get the first overall pick, specifically to be able to draft Daigle. They were able to get the first pick and did, indeed, draft Daigle. Reportedly, the Nordiques were offering Ottawa Owan Nolan or Peter Forsberg and draft picks to get Daigle. Oh, hind sight, it's 20-20, ain't it, Ottawa?

Daigle was signed to the highest entry-level contract in NHL history 5 years for $12.25 million. Back then the league minimum was like $120,000, just to put it in perspective. He's the reason there's a rookie salary maximum.

Basically, because of this lengthy and financially exuberant contract, Alex decided not to play up to expectations. He also, apparently partook in a great deal of late night drinking and recreational drug use. For some reason, he appeared in an ad dressed as a nurse, and no, this is not photoshopped:

He left hockey at the ripe old age of 25 because his contracts were up and no one wanted him. Daigle himself admitted that he didn't have much passion for the game but played because he was good. He also admitted that what he wanted was fame and all that jazz. He even dated Pamela Anderson. If that isn't a sign of FAILED career, I'm not sure what is.

He returned to hockey after 2 years away and signed with Pittsburgh, he didn't do so hot there, so he went to Minnesota where he impressed them, but apparently not enough, because now he plays in Switzerland and has for a few years. He also spent time with the Rangers and the Lightning.

Yo, how EMBARRASSING for Ottawa and for this dude. Must suck to be playing in Wilkes-Barre with guys who couldn't make it to the NHL and you were drafted FIRST OVERALL. That is a SHAME. I also LOVE it because it was OTTAWA. Hahahahahahahaha. This was like if Crosby was actually terrible at the NHL level after PWNING in juniors, that's how much of a BFD (big freakin' deal) Daigle was when he was drafted.

BTW, also available that year? Paul Kariya and Chris Pronger. Bet Ottawa felt stupid after that.

At least when Buffalo is remembered for foolish drafts it's because Punch Imlach drafted an imaginary Japanese player to express his displeasure at how lengthy and tedious the draft had become. We should all start chanting "We want Taro" again.

Coming soon: results of our babysitter poll, a new weekly poll, and a list compiled by me and S(h)ara of our dreamboat team of first round draft picks. Woooo! Any suggestions you might have will be heavily considered. This is not a team of skill, but rather a team of current active players who were drafted in the first round and are pretty foxy. We're not about skill when it comes to compiling dream teams. It's not how we roll. Western Conference is almost finalized, Eastern still being put together. Good times.


  1. OOHH! There must be a Michael Ryan clause here. Somehow we must get this second round, 32nd pick overall in.

    Other than that!! My picks are Boyd Gordon of the Caps and Wade Redden of the Sens. It's obvious I need therapy for my deep, disturbed obsession with eyebrows.

  2. Do they have to be 1st round draft picks or can there just be a general dreamboat team of hotties? The field of hockey players is just FULL of hot guys and they're ripe for the picking!

  3. Somehow we must get this second round, 32nd pick overall in.

    Next we'll do round 2 and Mikey is IN!

  4. We're just going for first rounders, otherwise its too hard to narrow it down. doing out all star roster in jauary took FOREVER. I am not looking forward to redoing that, haha.

    We may branch out into other rounds after this one, lol.

  5. OK, just to get my votes in, my 2nd round pick is Tallinder. And when you get to 7th round picks, I vote for GOOSE!!!

    Just kidding, but I wanted to "vote" for them anyway.

  6. Yay for more lists of good looking players!

    My votes:
    Vinny Lecavalier
    Rick DiPietro
    Big Bear!
    Pat Kane
    Colby Armstrong (because I love him unconditionally =P)


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