Monday, April 28, 2008


by Anne

I only got 3 1/2 hours of sleep the night before so I wasn't too emotionally invested in the Habs/Flyers game. I've resolved to only watch the 3rd period of hockey games that I don't give a hoot about. Had I watched ONLY the 3rd period of last night's game, it would've been waaaaaaaaay more exciting than watching the whole thing. Nice last ditch effort there, Montreal. Maaaaaayyybe you should've displayed some of that offensive ZIP earlier in the game? Maybe? No? Ok.

On to things more Sabres-related:

Pommerdoodle was NOT named Captain or Alternate Captain of Team USA. This saddens me. It doesn't surprise me that any of our other (Sabre and non-Sabre Buffalo) boyz were not tagged. I suppose the fact that Pommerdoodle is only pseudo-American could have contributed and Halpie is the oldest skater.

Zachy-poo is rocking an A. It's in place of his missing chompers. Probably by next season I'll stop mentioning his teeth everytime I mention him.

Staffy shouldn't be rewarded with a letter after his craptastical season. Who else was surprised that Staffy was on the PK for Team USA? How often so we use him in Buffalo on special teams? He's not the first player I think of when I think of "clutch special team performer". That title goes to Pat Kaleta, HA!

Anyhoot, Adam Burish is bloggin' it up about training camp. Having not yet perused it, I can only hope it is as "What I did on my Summer Vacation"-esque as Pommer's Blog is on


Damn, he appears to be far more coherent and concise than Pommer, or, here's a THOUGHT, maybe there's someone who actually EDITS it for him? needs an editor like there's no tomorrow. There are so many typos and grammatical errors in that thing, it hurts my heart.

Apparently, what we can learn is that if you ever get chance to meet Matt Greene, ask him to tell you a story.

This man is very funny, Adam Burish wants you to corner him

Private to Tim Tom:

You're 34 years old. In any other place in the world, you would still be considered young. However, in professional sports, particularly hockey, you're bordering on senility. And, on this extremely young Team USA, you're practically one foot in the grave. Please remember that, while you are still a young man, in the grand scheme of things, you are not, in fact, 23. Please do not act like you are. I much prefer you to be crotchety and old. Besides, I need you to keep Phil "Mr. Yick" Kessel in line. Apparently he and Gerb-O are tight. Please keep them apart when at all possible.

Love and Geritol,


Private to Marty Biron:

I loved when you were laying down in the net and then the goal cam like zoomed in on your face. It was freaky and awesome. I really hope there's a picture of that up somewhere...I'll go investigate... poo, I can't find it, but it was totally great. One of my favorite sights in the world is when a goaltender just lays down on his back to cover the puck. It looks so weird, hahaha.

Ok I couldn't find it but I found your usual yammering wacky self on the Hockey Show. You're so insane and I love your purse and your attempts to justify everything in there . :'( I miss Marty.

You'd be the only reason I'd be happy if the Flyers won this series. Just you...and a little bit Danny, but only because he's never won the Cup and Slaggy over in New York has.

How's the new bambino?

Love and I'll totally babysits,



  1. " needs an editor like there's no tomorrow. There are so many typos and grammatical errors in that thing, it hurts my heart."

    I KNOW! And I'm so pissed I missed MartyCam.

  2. Oh, I loved that video on Marty! He seems so silly and funny!

  3. Marty might not be as good of a goaltender as Millsey (well, that's debateable, I say he's not, but I'm biased), but he is definitely waaaayyy more entertaining and funny. And his eyes are way more intense. Didn't you love the part where he was chirping at Sid? Haha.

  4. Thanks for the Marty vid, Anne! I miss him like crazy not only because he is very pretty (those eyes!) but because he's just so...Marty! (so descriptive, I know!) It's like he was our spunky, random, constantly talking goalie and I don't want to let anyone else in on the joy that is Marty - especially not Philly! needs an editor like there's no tomorrow.

    I think this A LOT. And it just so happens that I am looking for a media/communications internship. Hmmm...they need a copy editor, I need employment - it could be a match made in heaven! haha


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