Monday, April 7, 2008

It's all Been Done

by Anne

I'd write about Saturday's game, but my fellow bloggers summed it all up nicely.

I thoroughly relished in every second of TEPPO. I loved Roysie's totally unselfish pass to Britney for his hat trick. I'm amazed Mike Weber survived that crazy assault from behind. There was nothing not to love about that game. I whooped it up for Thibault and the defensemen who limited that Bruins to only 17 shots and zero goals.

Today I will highlight my top 10 moments of the season (on the ice):

10: Yo-yo's 20th "Personal-Best" Goal of the Season

It didn't come until March 19, but we all knew Captain October and February would pull through in the end. Who didn't love that crazy angle shot that miraculously went in to get Yo-yo his first 20 goal season? Yay! There had BEST be a letter permanently sewn on his left shoulder come October....Lindy, I'm lookin' at you.

9: Andrew Peters' Annual Goal

I like this picture because of Kalinin's face

Andrew Peters has many roles as a Buffalo Sabre: awkward slow skater, bench warmer, NHLPA Player Representative, Press Box Coffee Boy and terrible fighter. But on February 27, 2008, he had one title: Goal Scorer. Woooooo! Once a year, baby!

8: Sekera's GWG against Boston March 30, 2008

When Andrej Sekera first came up from Rochester earlier in the season we were all... rather "underwhelmed" by his performance. However, a few months down in the trenches with Webby turned him into one hell of a defenseman. There were many moments of defensive HOTNESS however, no moment shines out more for Reggie this season than his crazy offensive BULLET from the point goal to keep our SLIM playoff hopes alive. Excellent work by Britney and Webby to make it happen.

7: The December 21, 2007 Game aka Danny's return to Buffalo

I was fortunate enough to take Mama Maloy to this game. Danny's first return after jumping ship. The mood in the Arena was TENSE. It was so great. This is probably my favorite game I've ever been to. Winning it, Spacek's bone crushing hit on Danny. It was perfect. Ok, so both Danny and Dru are in the playoffs...but for that weekend, we were the team that won WITHOUT Daniel Briere.

6: Miller's 1st game after his cousin passed: 6-0 Win

Not long at all after Ryan Miller's cousin Matt passed away, Ryan had to go back to business as usual. He gave a then-abysmally-crappy team a huge win, their first of the season, I might add. That game was so emotional. Any one who is a fan of either of the Miller brothers knows how much "Matt Man" meant to them. I can't lie, when Miller raised his helmet showing his cousin's nickname written on the back, I got choked up, kind of like I am right now.

5: Big Bear's first game as a Buffalo Sabre: February 27, 2008

Derek Roy's face reads: I don't even know you, but I'm going to hug you

In the words of Rick Jeanneret: "WELCOME TO BUFFALO, STEVE BERNIER!" Could you have really asked for a better debut? Granted, Big Bear has only scored 1 additional goal and a handful of assists since then, but the physical play of the team his just exploded since dropping the Skating Tomato and picking up Big Bear. I don't want to love him because his time as a Sabre might already be over, but if he had driven from the Arena to my apartment and proposed to me after that game, I definitely would've said yes. Actually, if Big Bear did that right now, I might still say yes.

4: 10-1 win over the Atlanta Thrashers: January 18, 2008

I know, Danny, I couldn't believe it either

With every goal that was scored in that game, my faith and love for SabreHockey that had been forcibly chipped away from me by each of the 10 preceding losses was put back in its rightful place. My then-favorite Staffy (sorry, no longer my absolute favorite, but#2 ain't bad) got his first hat trick, newly named as S(h)ara's favorite, Derek Roy, got a hat trick after Lindo basically told him he needed to step it up. That game was beautifully merciless towards the Thrashers and I loved it. They played dirty that game and moved themselves onto my top 5 least favorite teams. I loved that game so much I wanted to marry it and have little goal scoring babies.

3: Tampa Bay comeback #1: February 20, 2008

This is one of my favorite pictures from the whole season

This game was not pleasant. I was so frustrated with the boys that with about 5 minutes left when we were down 3-1, I drunkenly changed the channel. Approximately 5 minutes later I changed back to officially see that we had lost when, what's that? Why is Hank hanging out on the ice after the game? Wait, WHAT? BRITNEY DID WHAT NOW? Oh Britters. Even though you were wrong about us being in the playoffs,I don't fault you, 4 hat tricks in 23 games is quite a feat, you did what you could. And you did it well in that game.

2: Tampa Bay comeback #2: March 19, 2008

Max got annoyed with this guy...oh, it's Jeff Halpern

Almost exactly 1 month after the aforementioned comeback came another huge deficit to overcome. We were, once again, losing to the Tampa Bay Lightning heading into the 3rd. I was, once again, very unhappy, although not intoxicated. While eating some dinner at a restaurant and trying not to be too annoyed by the NCAA fans who were ignoring the REAL game, and also trying to not be bothered by the slight video lapse, I watched the boys score 6 goals in one period. It was totally awesome. The only reason this game ranks higher than the Thrashers game is because at this point in the season we really believed we were going to be in the playoffs. For the January game, I think we were just content to not be kicked out of the league.

And finally...............

Drum roll please..............................

1: Henrik Tallinder's SO Goal FTW! February 6, 2008!

No moment will standout more to me from the 2007-2008 season for me than Hank the Muthafuckin' Tank's CRIZAZY shootout goal. Poor Staffy, he also beat Mr. Brick Wall, but no one remembers that. They only remember the feeling of "Uhhhh...... Tallinder?" followed very closely after by "WOOOOOOO!!!!! TALLINDER!!!!! " Oh man, I have never loved a hockey goal more. Ok, that's not true, this goal and Pommer's OT in 2006 can duke it out for supremacy.

Honorable mention goes to TEPPO for his return on Sunday, but that game was meaningless to everyone but Teppo and Thibault basically.

There ya have my top 10. Any thing you feel I left out? Any moments are higher or lower on your list?


  1. clap clap clap clap clap clap clap!!!

    I loved the top moments!

    "Andrew Peters' Annual Goal"hahaha

  2. Great post! And that's MY number one moment of the season too! :-D

  3. Greetings from a new reader!

    I found you guys on TWC, and I've been catching up on all of your great commentary. I really liked this post - as much as it kills me to have the season be over I love recaps like this one!

    All of these moments brought a smile to my face again, especially:
    * The first Tampa comeback - That game holds a special place in my heart because it was the only game I went to this season that they actually won! I think I crushed my best friend when I hugged her after it was over!
    *Hank's shootout goal - I still replay this when I need to smile about the Sabres.
    *The 6-0 Atlanta Game - I, too, teared up when Ryan pointed to his helmet, and I still get emotional thinking about what it must have meant to him. It was a moment that almost seemed to transcend hockey; it was so perfect.

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