Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Really, Sean Avery?

By S(h)ara

So here's another reason for everyone and their mother to hate Sean Avery--he's starting an internship at Vogue.

No, I'm not kidding.

I read PerezHilton.com on a regular basis, so imagine my shock and state of giggle-ness, when I read that the Ranger everyone loves to hate is going to be interning at Vogue during the off-season. (Here be the original story on Perez's site: http://perezhilton.com/2008-05-27-embracing-the-metro-within)

I'm endlessly entertained by the fact that Perez drew on Avery's face. Dude's going to be making minimum wage, since apparently the millions he makes from his contract isn't quite cutting it. What professional athlete takes an intership at Vogue? Apparently Sean Avery. He's even going to travel to Europe with Anna Wintour to check out the shows this summer. Hey Sean, why don't you bring back some swag for the boys in the locker room. Scott Gomez really wants a new Hermes scarf, and Lundquist could use some new platforms. Oh, and don't mention the new monokinis to Dru--he's really sensitive about his midesction.

Avery, I hope you get the shit mocked out of you this fall when you come back from globetrotting with Vogue. At least Millsy's blog was in Maxim--you know, a magazine heterosexual males read. You show me a straight guy who reads Vogue, and I'll show you a closet case like you wouldn't believe. You know who reads Vogue? Crazy fashionistas and weird-ass theatre students looking for inspiration for their next costume final. The only thing that could possibly be more homosexual than you interning at Vogue would be...well, that's a hard one to beat dude. Let me know if you come up with something.

This is totally hilarious. I fully expect all Buffalo fans to bring on the mockingness. Go.


  1. Oh, I HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE this term, but what a douche. He is an arrogant, childish, bully and an asshole. (Is it apparent that I dislike him just a little???)

  2. Ha, I totally commented on the Perez article earlier. First the hooker...a pro hockey player needing to pay for some lovin'? I don't think so. And now interning at Vogue? Really? And he's up for free agency this summer. Think this is going to help his market value? I'm thinking "Keen eye for fashion." isn't on many GMs needs for forwards this season.


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