Wednesday, May 28, 2008

And the winner is....

by Anne

In our first Weekly Poll, we asked you which of the Staal brothers was your fave.

The choices (duh) were Eric, Marc, Jordan and Jared.

The boys ranked as follows:

#4 Jared (5%)

I'm not surprised Jared came in 4th out of 4. Why? Because we know almost nothing about him because he's only 17 and not yet in the NHL. Give it time, I'm sure someday he'll be more than 1 persons favorite Staal.

Doesn't he look like Phaneuf in this picture?:

Marc (L) Jared (R)

#3 Eric (11%)

Since this IS a Sabres blog and Eric and his 'Canes gave us our playoff walking papers in the 2006 ECF, I'm not surprised he is not overly beloved by Sabres fans the blogosphere over. I'm actually surprised he got more than 1 vote.

The Staal Brothers <3 pinstripes... because they need to look taller...?

#2 Marc (27%)

My personal favorite underrated Staal. He's pretty sweet. He was the OHL's defenseman of the year last season. Wooo! Ok, I know its tough to love him because he plays for the gross-tastic Rangers. However, he didn't CHOOSE to be a Ranger, they DRAFTED him. I, of course, understand Eric was drafted by the 'Canes, but WHATEVS. Marc is described as the family goofball, and I love me a goofball. I also actually kind of feel bad that his younger brother started in the NHL before he did. But he's still more awesome. Marc's "Girlfriend" page has like absolutely nothing but pictures of him and Jared. He might have a girlfriend named Danielle from Sudbury (or Sudberry as they spelled it), or Casey from Quebec or I don't care from I still love him anyway. The best part is really the people who post things like "WHAT VOODOO MAGIC DO YOU HAVE THAT ALLOWS YOU TO KNOW THIS INFORMATION?!?!" He's also a rockstar.

See?: process of elimination Jordan (55%)

Jordan is quite popular amongst Sabres fans, apparently. I would assume most Sabres fans don't really find the Penguins terribly offensive and Jordan has the distinction of being really young and pretty hot. He is my 2nd favorite Penguin...maybe 3rd. Well done, Jordan. You are well-tolerated by the readers of this blog. Maybe its because he's the biggest Staal bro. They're all the same height but Gronk is 15 pounds heavier than each of his NHL playing brothers. Well done? I really would love it if Jordan could find his scoring touch again next season and have more goals than his big bro. He's def going to have more goals than Marc...ok, if he doesn't though, either Marc is playing out of his mind or Jordan has lost his.

Jordan on a lake lookin' super chill

I'd love to know the reasons why people chose the Staal brother they chose, so post 'em.

OMGAH, I'm pretty sure I keeled over and died when I found this picture. Thank God I came back to life in time to finish this post:

Eric Staal: Supreme Smiley Living Room Overlord
Jordan looks like an albino elf and Eric seems to be attempting to crush his head
Marc is his usual chill self
Jared is SO over this picture

Be sure to take this week's poll:

Favorite movie in which the main focus was a hockey team; aka, not Happy Gilmore.


  1. "...He might have a girlfriend named Danielle..."

    SHHHH! Don't tell.

  2. And I think the Staal brothers should rock out with Staffy.

  3. I'm pretty sure I'd become a groupie of that band and just follow them around the country in my van. Woooo!

  4. OK, I admit that I'm one of the ones that voted for Eric. I just think he's hotter than the others. Although after seeing the picture of Jordan on the lake, I'm thinking he ain't lookin' too bad.

  5. mighty ducks 1. no contest.

    cor's vote: miracle.

  6. that last pic is hilarious! And Jared looks surprisingly like some pics of my nephews- like same outfit, same expression LOL.

    I didn't vote but I used to like Eric (before he started looking all skeletal and creeped out) Yes, I know he played for the 'Canes and they made the Sabres go away in 2006 but that also meant he got a lot of face time for me and he looked a lot like a minor league player I used to know so that was in his favor.

    And the other guys are A)too young and B) too funny looking and C) playing for ickier teams than Carolina so Eric wins.

    LOL fun post!

  7. oh and as for the movies, I had to vote Mircale because it's the best of the best of the best, sir! and I DID see it 4 times in the theatre, and twice in the first 48 hours it was available, but I also dearly love Mystery, Alaska.

    I'd vote for that too if I could.

  8. oh and as for the movies, I had to vote Mircale because it's the best of the best of the best, sir!

    I have to agree with s.a.m. on this one! Miracle is one of my favorite movies of all time. I used to watch it all the time during the lockout to get myself psyched up for hockey to start again.


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