Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Day in the Life, Day 3

by Anne

The Day started with reuniting me with my camera:

9:02 - and some coffee, tasty, tasty coffee

Having a Tim Horton's actually IN your building is both totally awesome and totally terrible. I keep myself from going there every day, but it's not easy. If it were winter I'd be chugging coffee all day long. Remember! 1 cream, 2 sugar, or 2 Splenda, I don't care.

12:40 - walking to the bus stop, City Hall is neat-looking and art-decco-y

I really need to get a new car.

City Court is GROSS and looks like a prison. Can you imagine working in there?? Those building height vertical black strips are the only windows. Its one of the ugliest structures I've ever seen. Gross.

12:59 - The bus FINALLY arrives

The bus was supposed to come at 12:42. It didn't. The next bus showed at 12:59, with the non-functioning bus that was SUPPOSED to come at 12:42 right in front of it, and not taking passengers. Oh well, I was trying to get there early, so it was no big deal and it was GORGEOUS outside.

1:11 On my walk from the bus to my next work-place destination, I cross the street where Ryan Miller lives. I don't want to be a Creepy McCreeperson and point out exactly where it is or like take a picture specifically of his house. I'm not a stalker. My friend Jill's house is visible in this shot, and my friends Liz and Jenn live right around the corner. It's a happy coincidence that I know where Millsey lives.

1:20 - Arriving at the school where I teach in the afternoons

Buff Sem is a very small private school in Buffalo for girls. It's an old seminary (literally) and you feel kind of like you're in an English boarding school when you walk through it. Everything is carpeted and there's an old grandfather clock in the lobby that chimes very loudly every 15 minutes.

I teach Shakespeah to high school kiddos. I'm an assistant teacher. Word up.

4:30 - Waiting to be picked up under a tree in Delaware Park

It was the absolute perfect weather today. High seventies, low humidiy, cloudless sky, light breeze. Classic Buffalo summer weather. LOVE IT.

4:52 - This lady both wanted and didn't want my help to find some potato chips she had a coupon for at Wegman's. First she wanted me to look down the aisle to see if I could see them because she didn't want to go down there, then when I offered to bring her a bag, she got all offended. Then she wanted me to tell her the difference between Memphis barbecue flavored potato chips and Asian barbecue flavored potato chips. I have no idea what Asian barbecue flavored potato chips taste like, yet she insisted that I offer some deep insight into her selection process. I felt like we were discussing potential draft picks while comparing bags of chips. Which one is stronger coming out of the corners? In the end she went with Memphis. Now she's going to hate them and track me down to yell at me.

6:00 - Isaac the Mac is all better now!!

Yes, that IS the new Jason Pominville wallpaper from My inner puckbunny is poking her little head out this off-season, just a little. I still love him in a whiny little sister kind of way: "JASON! THE OTHER NHL TEAMS ARE PICKING ON US! TELL THEM ABOUT HOW GREAT THE SYSTEM IS! MAKE IT BETTER POMMER!" kind of way.


Happy dance! Happy dance!

I can't lie, with each player movement I read about on, I got a little more stressed out about why I hadn't heard anything about Big Bear or Goose or Pie. Grizz too, but not as much. And, I think it was the right move to keep Mancari. He does hold the AHL record for hardest shot. That might come in handy. I really really really really hope that all these boys sign, and it looks like they will. KEVIN LOWE. STAY AWAY. DO NOT DO ANYTHING STUPID. GET AWAY FROM MY BOYS. STOP LOOKING AT DANNY PAILLE LIKE THAT. HE DOES NOT WANT TO PLAY FOR EDMONTON. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT COVETING NATHAN GERBE FROM AFAR. STOP IT WITH YOUR WACKTASTICAL OBSCENE OFFER SHEETS.

Wowee-zowee. Good times. This is fun. Haha.


  1. This poll was difficult. I enjoyed the fact that it said "on your person" for choice 4. As you probably guessed. I love the City of Buffalo buses. Always a source of entertainment.

  2. I love these "Day in the Life" posts. They are very entertaining!

  3. My friend's sister, also named Liz, lives right near Millsy... might even be the same person!

    I love your "A Day in the Life" posts!


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