Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ryan Miller Likes Having Fun

by Anne

I watched Miller's press conference and interview today. I don't really know why, he only said things that we were all already expecting him to say, but whatev, as my secret favorite Sabre (I think it becomes less a secret every time I say it) I must listen as he drops pearls of wisdom at our collective feet.

Every other phrase out of his mouth was "great group of guys" or "I'm having a lot of fun" and "winning a championship".

Um, excuse me? Is this the same team we're talking about here? Bucky told me that Buffalo is a desolate wasteland where happiness comes to die and the Sabres are a team of money launderers, thieves and masters of deceit whose ultimate goal is to destroy the earth from the NHL out, not to win this "Cup" I've heard so many people ramble on about. Whose kool-aid is Ryan Miller drinking?

I do appreciate that he, as he always does, addresses rumors and such head on. A lot of players do that, Pominville and Vanek being others that come to mind. They know what's said, they know the rumors and the issues and are perfectly willing to specifically address them and end them before people go crazy.

Miller flat out said that, while he cheered for Detroit when his cousin played for the Red Wings, he's first and foremost about a team and a community that embraces him and wants him here and is building a team that everyone feels good about. That would be Buffalo in a nut shell. It really threw me for a loop when he basically said in another interview, "Yeah, I could probably go win a championship with another team, but I don't want to do that, I want to do that here, with this group of players." Wow. Really? Wow. Just love. That's amazing. And unlike when Drury said crap like that, I know he really means it.

He looks really good, btw. Ok, not in an OMG MILLSEY'S SO HAWT!!! kind of way, although, that tends to go along with it, but he's looking fit, rested and relaxed. Growing up looks good on him. Its so cool to watch these formerly "Wow these guys are really young and really green" players transform into a smattering of leadership, poise and skill. I love thinking about the Derek Roy and Jason Pominville of days gone by. It's amazing how much difference a couple of years, a lot of success and a lot of struggles can make on a team and on a group of players.

How SAD is my existence as a life long Buffalo sports fan that it actually surprises me and makes me have a strangely out of body experience to hear Miller and Regier openly discussing our chances at winning a championship in the near future? It really always strikes me as a fantasy, something that could never actually happen, winning this "Cup" thing.

These past 3 years have really one of the best run of years in Buffalo Sabres hockey. Look at the past, the Sabres were laughable for years. I'm sure most Sabres fans would like to forget from about 1977-1995. The Sabres were just not good. Then there was a slide back in the early 2000s with the bankruptcy, but even when we finished 10th last season, we never lost hope. Well, I lost hope for the playoffs, but I never lost hope that there was more to come next season for this team.

I'm really going to try to enjoy this happy little love-cloud I find myself on these days because when I'm slamming my head onto my desk when we lose a critical game in February, I'll long for this blissful fantasy world I'm in right now.


Ahem. I mean, Teppo Numminen's veteran leadership and experience would be most helpful to the youngsters in our defensive corps come next season. Yes. I am reserving my excitement. Woo.

How does our defense shake out then?

Rivet - Spacek
Lydman - Tallinder
Teppo - Sekera
Weber - Paestch - Pratt(?) what's going on with him? Are we re-signing him?

Oh well, Pommer and defense are next on the plate.

Until next time, folks.

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