Wednesday, July 9, 2008

WARNING: ACTUAL HOCKEY TALK, We will return to our usual drivel shortly

by Anne

You know what's awesome? Being outside when its beautiful out like it was yesterday.

You know what's NOT awesome, sunburn. My back hurts. :(

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot lately about next season's forward lines. Every time I do this I come upon a problem. Well, 2 problems, one imminent, one unpredictable. The first unpredictable one is Timmers.

Timmy Connolly is an excellent hockey player and I am very glad to have him on our team. He's one of the best puck handlers in the League and occasionally decides to shoot the puck. HOWEVER, as we all know, Timmy's head is about as safe from destruction as an overripe cantaloupe sitting in a ready-to-fire catapult. Also, at some point, his right leg might just begin open rebellion and fall clean off his body. Therefore, can he really be relied on in a pinch to center our top or 2nd line? I just don't know.

The other problem: Every time I make these lines, I leave someone off. The last time I did it, it was Kaleta. The 2nd time it was Afinogenov. After that it was Mair. Things just get confusing.

There are so many questions. Is Pie-YAY really good with Yo-yo and Pommer? Goose played well with them for a couple of games. Should Kaleta be sent back down? Is Grizz ready to make the leap to the NHL? Are players like Zagrapan ready to take the next step? It's complicated. If we trade someone, I'd love for it to be Max. However, after last season we're not going to get much for him, unless he does well at the beginning of this coming season, but are we really going to chuck him if he starts playing like his old self again? Well, yes, probably.

I'm finally at peace with losing Big Bear. Imagine how much more complicated making lines would be if we had him too. It's a burden I'd be ok with, but I'll let it go for now. We couldn't possibly afford to pay him $2.5 million with the Miller and Pominville extensions, etc. etc.

Anyhoot, does anyone know when next season's schedule comes out? I need to plan my life accordingly.
One more thing. I refuse to be a blogger who beats the dead horse that is "Woe is Buffalo, no one likes us, wah wah wah" Screw that. I love Buffalo and I will not continue to make Sabres and Bills fans sick to their stomachs when hearing about our shortcomings. Was anyone saying this crap when we were winning? No. It comes and goes. All this crap about not signing big UFAs? When was the last time Detroit did that? I'd hardly call Hossa's signing a big one. I understand Buffalo and Detroit are NOT THE SAME however, it just shows that signing big name UFAs does not guarantee you the Stanley Cup. Is anyone looking at Tampa Bay and NOT thinking "Good GOD, this could all just come back to blow up in their collective face." They're signing 1/2 the NHL, how do they have the money for this? Do their fans really want or expect this to keep happening? Their new owners are going to wise up after a couple of seasons of messy losses and unpopular player departures and start playing the game a little more carefully. At least they haven't been handing out offer sheets to everyone they can see, that would be the way to NOT make friends the NHL.
P.S. Vinny, when you're ready to leave, Buffalo is waiting for you! Stamkos who?

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  1. I've heard the schedule comes out on the 16th although I haven't read that anywhere official.


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