Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More Mad Love for Derek Roy, Should We Change the Name of this Blog to Derek Roy's House?

by Anne

So, as I am wont to do while killing time between class, I decided to raid NHL.com to find out any interesting tidbits. And by "interesting" I mean "about the Buffalo Sabres and/or Jarome Iginla", naturally. I scoured the inner depths of the front page of NHL.com to find an article projecting the league's top scorers. Ranking in at #16?

16. Derek Roy, C, Buffalo - 2008-09 projection: 34-61-95

95 points seems about right, based on the upward trend Roysie's been on the last few seasons. DEREK ROY WHY ARE YOU SUCH A SOURCE OF DISSENTION WITHIN ME? I hate you and I love you all in one breath. How can S(h)ara handle this up and down web of chaos you leave your most loyal fans in? Unimaginable, truly.

Oh, and lest we forget #1 also appears on the list:

18. Jason Pominville, RW, Buffalo - 2008-09 projection: 33-59-92

No mention of him being a totally righteous captain though and completely adorable in post game interviews OR the evolution of the PommerFro. Unacceptable.

I'm hoping Rocky is aiming a little low in his projections for SabreBritney:

33. Thomas Vanek, LW, Buffalo - 2008-09 projection: 41-40-81

I'm hoping Britters can add in a couple more goals and toss in a few more assists. Derek Roy's got to get assists from more than 1 of his line mates, DREW STAFFORD! I took all of Rocky Bonnano's yammering about the boys out because he's not saying anything new.

Oh yeah, Max is mentioned as #51, but eh? He probably won't be a Sabre for the entire season, and even if he is, he probably won't be after next June unless he somehow manages to score 30+ goals and be consistent about it.... which I just don't see happening. Timmy was ranked #88, Kotalik #108 and Staffers #112.


10. Jarome Iginla, RW, Calgary - 2008-09 projection: 48-52-100

Oh Iggy. :) I hope you get 50 goals again so I have more reason to play the Jarome Iginla song.

On to other things:

I would have greatly enjoyed meeting Rick Nash in NYC, however I'm in Buffalo, so please stop emailing me, NHL Connect and telling me that I could've been chillin' with Rick Nash as NHL 2K9 was released. I get it. I'm SAD ABOUT IT. I missed this:

Weeee!!! I mean, Wiiiiiiii!!!

I just want pre-season to hurry up and get here. I'm tired of season predictions, I want season ACTION. I want to know if Britney will be able to carry the momentum from last season into this one. Will Teppo be our captain? Will Pommer? WHERE IS POMMER'S CONTRACT?! Is this the year Drew Stafford matches his potential? Will Pie-YAY continue to suprise us? Will Millsey REALLY play 70+ games again? Will the Atlanta Thrashers really be as abyssmally awful as everyone thinks they will? I cannot WAIT to see how the Lightning do. After the Sabres, the teams I'll be following most closely are the Pens and the Lightning. Let's see how all those signings affected Sid's team and if the owners of the Lightning really did right by the team with their wacky demolishing and rebuilding of their roster.

John Tortorella had plenty to say about the 'Bolts new brass:

"You got a couple of cowboys in there as owners," Tortorella said. "How you treat your people and run your business is very important in this league. I look at the club and how some things have been done and how they treated Danny Boyle and really lying to the kid, and some of the other things that have gone on there, it's a total different team."

Interesting. Is he simply bitter about being canned? Does he have a point? Is he upset that he and Barry Melrose have the same hairstyle? Wouldn't you be?

Anyhoot, I should go do productive things, like figure out a cheap and timely way to get to NYC, convince Rick Nash that he and I are in love and return home in time for dinner. I think I'll go check in with the physics department, brb.


  1. I like the prediction for Royzie. I think he can do it! :)

    just give in to your Royzie love, Anne, I know you want to! Haha.

    I've met Rick Nash before. It was actually the summer before his first season. And I was like holy crap I'm like 3 years older than you. Yeesh. (and I was only 20 at the time so it was more significant than it is now) Anyway he seemed like a nice guy. He needs to ditch that nasty beard though, it's pretty hideous. And he still kinda looks like my cousin which is just weird.

  2. just give in to your Royzie love, Anne, I know you want to! Haha.

    I. Just. Can't.

    I try to imagine how I'd react if he were just a normal dude walking around campus and I'm pretty sure I'd roll my eyes at him every time I passed him and his Louis Vuitton messenger bag. Although, I would like to have the babies of the Derek Roy I see ON the ice.

  3. Although, I would like to have the babies of the Derek Roy I see ON the ice.

    true stories there. I can't ever decide if I'd hate him or not off the ice. I tend to like the guys that are actually jerks (to me or in general) so maybe that fits right in. On the other hand, he might be "too cool for school" and that would just annoy the crap out of me. But DAAAYM he's hot!

    I try to just appreciate him as a hockey player, but I can't seem to separate it with him. I try to keep it on the dl, but I'll admit that when I went to a game in March and my friend and I were watching warmups, it was all I could do NOT to squeel all puckbunny like he was a member of the JOnas Brothers or something. And my friend? he just laughed his ass off at me and doesn't get it AT ALL. It was kind of sad. It's hard to keep a profile as a knowledgeable hockey person when you tell people your favorite Sabre is Derek Roy because they automatically assume it's cuz he's hot. That's just a bonus. REALLY.

    Ok I'm done ranting. Did you make it to NYC to catch Nash? ;)


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