Sunday, November 9, 2008


by Anne

That Sabres game was not thrilling, and we will leave it at that. Props to Timmy for getting his first goal, Ryan Miller needed to rest, and can someone explain to me why Pie didn't play? I just don't understand.

In other, far more sexy news:

The First Annual, or Weekly or Bi Weekly or Monthly or whenever we get around to planning another one Buffalo Blogger get together was tonight and it was pretty sweet. There was, of course, the requisite awkward introductions. Next time: Name tags. It was awesome to put names and faces together with alcohol.

Totally random, but as I was typing that last paragraph a HILARIOUS commercial featuring Jason Pominville and Maria Genero for Delacy Ford came on TV. Basically it ends with Pommer pointing at the camera and half giggling says "Definitely Delacy!" Yes, this is why we drafted him, he's a great pitch man.

Anyway, basically the get together was lots of fun and we should have more of them, minus the MASSIVE surprise party happening right next to us.

Back to the, ya know, Hockey shenanigans:

The Pirates, like the Sabres played back to back games this weeked. However, unlike the Sabres who lost both games, the Pirates WON both of their games. Tonight they won 5-3.

Mark Mancari had a 4 point night (1+3) and has taken sole possession of the #1 scorer rank in the AHL. WOOOO!!!

Tim Kennedy and Aaron Slattengren scored and Mathieu Darche scored twice. Is anyone else itching to see how the Kennedy-Gerbe-Mancari line could do with slugs on their chests? Just tossin' it out there.

Saturday night the Pirates wore a special stars and stripes jersey to commemorate Veteran's Day on Tuesday. This makes the 2nd special jersey the Pirates have worn this season. Will there be more? Can anyone design a jersey or suggest a theme? Is this open to the public? LET ME KNOW, I'M READY WITH MY CRAYONS AND CONSTRUCTION PAPER TO DESIGN YOU A JERSEY. Is there a national My Little Pony holiday? Can we create one just so the Pirates have to wear a jersey that honors it?

Other hockey was played tonight: Iggy scored as the Flames lost to the Blue Jackets. Rick Nash did not score a goal AGAIN. Danny Briere scored in his first game back after surgery to repair a torn abdominal muscle (ow), but the Flyers still lost. In spite of my wishing and hoping, every time I check the boxscore of an LA Kings game I discover that Matt Greene did NOT score his 2nd NHL goal. I mean, its been 2 years since he scored his first and only, SO HE'S DUE! He's averaging .086 points a game, so at this rate, he'll probably score his next goal sometime in 2013. I'm not sure if I can wait that long, Matthew.

Yet another shut out by Luongo. Well done, sir. Well done. I really thought I might have more to say about that but, hey! look at that, I don't.

The second Buffalo game in Boston kicks off in less than 2 hours. I'll be curled up in the fetal position until then, hoping the beating isn't too bloody. We need happy thoughts. Let's all enjoy this snap shot of Jaroslav Spacek's long flowing locks from the 2006 Olympic Games:

Flowers, Jaro?
For me?!


  1. Jaro is rocking the long locks. I think I like it.

    Ahhh, oh man, I need pictures from that Pirates game last night, seriously. I tried to picture the jerseys on them and couldn't...they look so funky and crazy.

  2. Ahhh, oh man, I need pictures from that Pirates game last night, seriously. I tried to picture the jerseys on them and couldn't...they look so funky and crazy.

    The one picture they have on the site of Mathieu Darche just by himself is overwhelming. No wonder they won, the other team was to overly visually stimulated by the jerseys to be able to see the puck.... GENIUS.

  3. Anne, you must be right! What a brilliant strategy to continue moving up in the league - by wearing completely screwed up jerseys to blind/confuse your opponent!


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